Solo Travel

It’s November 20th, 2017.
I’m in Bali, living out a dream.
Living out an adventure – traveling alone in foreign lands.

I never thought, that this little 14 year old Indian girl, who was obsessing over nonsense, can now enjoy a glass of wine over looking the Balinese rainforest.

And yet I don’t feel alone, I feel loved –

From thousands of miles away.

I still feel the love of my family, friends and the universe.

It was nice to give myself space away from reality. From people who may have taken my presence for granted. But this trip showed me that no matter what happens in my life, I can do anything. I toughed out huge spiders suspended over bed posts and pattering around the ground. I spent 20 hours in silence, with only the thoughts in my head. I opened myself up to strangers, and challenged myself to disengaged from technology.

I had been afraid that I would never find a person to travel with when my heart was broken. I never thought I would be able to survive a week without familiar faces and personalities. But I did it. I found that I can only love, if I love myself at my weakest. So I spent this week, falling in love with myself – loving all my weirdness, awkwardness, and apologized to no one about it.


They say traveling is eye opening, but it opens your soul – to accept the love and help of pure strangers. It opens your soul and your heart to accept mistakes you may have made, the preconceived notions you made about a race, place or culture.

Traveling alone, shows the universe that yes you’re vulnerable – but you are brave, you are strong, and you will preserve through adversity.